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About "Monthly Seminars"

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It's Who You Are

This song was created for STATE members and thoes who are curious.  

On your right or below, depending on your device you’ll find Lisa’s latest videos from her past 5 session.  Also as a member you’ll be able to watch two new seminar videos a month as well as listen to her past three seminars in audio/MP3 format.  


Monthly Seminars

Video lesson

The Moment of Now

Video lesson

Pure Potential

Video lesson

Live Seminar August 20th

You Don't Get Rid of Anything

Video lesson

Live Seminar August 6th Seminar

Follow The Urge

Video lesson

Live Seminar July 23rd Seminar

About the Teacher

Lisa Kozlowski - Kies

I have been a clinician and quantum energy guide for over 20 years.  My focus is working with people that are curious about higher dimensional living. 

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