November 25

Recognize It

Limiting Beliefs, Physics


Here’s a fun science experiment for You to try.
Take a clear glass. Fill it with water. Hold the glass in front of Your face. You see Your fingers. Slowly lower the glass, and You will Recognize You no longer see Your fingers. What happened?? You Know Your fingers are holding the glass, but You don’t see them.
Explanation: there is a gap between the edge of the water and the edge of Your finger.

When there is a gap, Light can not pass through. That’s why You don’t see Your fingers.

This Reminds You… Everything is already here. Even when You don’t see it in human form, it’s here. How can You see it? Bridge the gap. How? Stop thinking You are separate from Your Multidimensional, Divine Self. The gap of separation blocks the Light, and Your Higher Self can not connect with You. This Creates the frequency of fear, and You are Now entangled with a 3D perception of lack and limitation.

It is time to Remember Who You Truly Are. It is time to Remember the work is done. There is nothing to figure out. There is nothing to fix. Nothing is broken. This is a Vibrational Reality, and You Are a Vibrational Frequency. A Powerful, Multidimensional, Devine, Infinite Frequency.

Now that’s something to Celebrate!! You are Remembering why You came here…to embody the Divine!!!

Let’s give thanks.

Sending You Love this Thanksgiving. It just wouldn’t be the same without You!


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I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in both psychology and social work. For over 30 years I have been a clinical psychotherapist; 22 of those years were spent in private practice. In my practice and groups, I take science and metaphysics and create more conscious synchronicities. My practice is focused on those who are curious about creating their new paradigm and desire a higher dimensional way of being.

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I am so glad to access these seminars.  The information is melding so perfectly with all of my ups, downs, as well as the intermittent mellow times.

Thank you so much for the time and effort put into these seminars. I really am grateful.