October 5


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The Innate You. You Know... The 99.9% of You in non-physical…? That is the Real You.

The biggest misperception You hold in this human experience is that You are separated from Your Innate.
You have never, ever been separated from this Divine part of Yourself.

What is the ‘job’ of the Innate in this human experiment?
Firstly... Remember, it is You in Higher Consciousness.
The Innate You is Present in each Moment of Now Guiding Your human being through the language of Sensation. You get to translate the Sensation however You Prefer. Most human beings have been conditioned to believe that wrong, bad and uncomfortable things have to go, have to be eliminated. The human being may interpret the Sensation of discomfort, anxiety, or worry as if something is wrong and needs to be gotten rid of or fixed. Indeed, it is a Sensation from Your Innate Self. It is not indicating something is wrong. The Sensation of discomfort, anxiety, or worry means that You have separated from Your Innate Self.

You have a Choice at this Moment. Will You translate the Sensation through Your human brain, or will You Recognize the Sensation and translate it through Your Innate Wisdom? It gets easier and easier to translate Your Sensations.

When You feel worried, anxious, bored, exhausted, depressed… You have separated from Who You Truly are. When You are in the frequency of fear, Your Innate Self can not Connect with You in human form. When You are Connected, You will feel Peace regardless of what is happening. Remember, when You are Aligned to the Innate, You do not lose Your discernment. Your existence is a free-will experience, and You get to Choose how You want to play it. The Innate will never leave You. Your Innate Self will never interfere with Your free will in human form.

You are Unconditionally Loved, and You can either resist the guidance or Receive the Guidance. The Choice, as Always, is Yours.


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I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in both psychology and social work. For over 30 years I have been a clinical psychotherapist; 22 of those years were spent in private practice. In my practice and groups, I take science and metaphysics and create more conscious synchronicities. My practice is focused on those who are curious about creating their new paradigm and desire a higher dimensional way of being.

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I am so glad to access these seminars.  The information is melding so perfectly with all of my ups, downs, as well as the intermittent mellow times.

Thank you so much for the time and effort put into these seminars. I really am grateful.