May 25


Power, Recognition


Time to Play!

As Source Energy, You Choose to have this human experience. Before You incarnated, You Knew what the game was all about. Here’s the cartoon version of You in Non-Physical preparing to embark on Your human journey.

Non-Physical You: “So, I can Choose to have an experience where I encounter time and space, emotions and Sensations, contrast and Beauty, dark and Light, and it is encountered in the densest frequency of All that Is? And... I forget that I Am Source Energy, Connected to All that Is, and I think I will die???
Sign me up!! I have to play that game!!”

This Truly is a holographic reality, and You are the Energetic Master. Just as the rules of the game indicated, You would forget that You are the Master walking on earth. The difference in this Now Moment is that You are Remembering those rules no longer apply to YOU! You are Now Self Actualizing while still in human form. You have never done this before. Be easy on Yourself. The greatest gift You will give Yourself Now is to stop thinking with Your human mind. It is dedicated to the old rules. Be with Your Sentient Knowing. Now the game has changed!


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I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in both psychology and social work. For over 30 years I have been a clinical psychotherapist; 22 of those years were spent in private practice. In my practice and groups, I take science and metaphysics and create more conscious synchronicities. My practice is focused on those who are curious about creating their new paradigm and desire a higher dimensional way of being.

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I am so glad to access these seminars.  The information is melding so perfectly with all of my ups, downs, as well as the intermittent mellow times.

Thank you so much for the time and effort put into these seminars. I really am grateful.