Messages From Your Higher Self

Card Deck is Now Available

I'm excited to share my weekly quotes with you in a fun card deck format for you to enjoy and share. 

25 beautifully created cards that Remind You of Your Quantum Power.

Intuitively Choose Your Daily Message and Allow the Innate Wisdom of the card to lead You throughout Your day.

Conscious Cards Offering

Below are examples of what you will receive.  Click on each picture to see the front of the card and its message. 

Example 1

You are not becoming More.

You are Remembering What you Already Are.

Example 2

True creation has no personal agenda.

You simply allow and Know all is orchestrated on your behalf.

Example 3

Why are you here?  To Realize you are the Creator.

This is Your Greatest Moment.

Example 4

You never intended to get attached to the physical. 

You Chose to Be Here to Experience the physical. 

Each Card is a representation of what you already innately know to be true.  It is my hope to remind you of your Quantum Power.”

- Lisa Kozlowski-Kies

Each Card is individually designed 

Each card was created by a professional design team to capture the essence of the message for you.  Each photograph is a visual representation of the energy that the message carries. 

wraparound design on the back of each card

Each card has a complimenting design element that extends around the card and is revealed on the back.  This carries the creative ethos for each quote in a fun and engaging way. 

Purchase Your Cards Here

Each set includes 25 cards that are packed in a butterfly package and sent to your address of choice.  

Free shipping in the U.S. excluding Hawaii and Alaska


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Message from your higher self

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