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  • Individual Seminar Purchase
  • One hour and a half seminar
  • 3 month access from time of purchase
  • Bi-monthly email Seminar review availability 
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  • Private one on one conversation with Lisa
  • Dedicated 45 minute session
  •  Easy direct scheduling 


You can purchase individual videos from Lisa's twice monthly seminar series for a one time price of $25.00.  Each video is an hour and a half long and will remain active in your account for a total of 3 months from the date of purchase.  Once the 3 months is up your access to that video will end.  You can choice your video from the options below.


With the membership purchase you receive a monthly membership for $50.00 a month.  This membership allows you access to all Lisa's twice monthly videos in her seminar series as well as email updates, the ability to participate in Q&A sessions and podcasts.  


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