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  • Individual Seminar Purchase
  • One hour and a half seminar
  • 3 month access from time of purchase
  • Bi-monthly email Seminar review availability 


You can purchase individual videos from Lisa's twice monthly seminar series for a one time price of $25.00.  Each video is an hour and a half long and will remain active in your account for a total of 3 months from the date of purchase.  Once the 3 months is up your access to that video will end.  You can choice your video from the options below.


With the membership purchase you receive a monthly membership for $50.00 a month.  This membership allows you access to all Lisa's twice monthly videos in her seminar series as well as email updates, the ability to participate in Q&A sessions and podcasts.  


message from your higher self


25 beautifully created cards that Remind You of Your Quantum Power.  Intuitively Choose Your Daily Message and Allow the Innate Wisdom of the card to lead You throughout Your day.                                                                             Each card was created by a professional design team to capture the essence of the message for you.  Each photograph is a visual representation of the energy that the message carries.                                                                 Every deck of cards is $35.00 and comes in a beautifully packaged butterfly box and is shipped to the address of your choice.  

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