August 18

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The Renaissance of Humanity!!! What a Glorious time for You to Choose to have a human experience. As You continue to Transmute the cycle of lack, limitation, scarcity, and fear, You Remember more of Who You Truly Are.

When You practice not entangling with fear and judgment, You move into a Grander Perspective. You Remember No thing has Power over You. Ya Know what else You’re Remembering? No thing is separate from You. Everything in Your Holographic human experience is a Reflection of YOU. EVERYTHING. You are the One. You are the Creator of Your experience. All people, places, and things are a direct Reflection of Your Beliefs about Yourself. From this Grand Remembrance, You are giving Yourself the potent opportunity to Remember everything is here to Serve You.

The stuff You Love?…that’s an easy one. What about the stuff You do not like? You Know how a Vibrational Reality works… If You entangle in judgment and fear, the Matter will continue to show up in the Parallel Universe you choose in the Present Moment. Why not use it Wisely, as the Master You already are? When people and things pop into Your Present Moment that You 100% do not like, USE the Reflection to Inform You. Do not pretend You like it. Use Your Discernment. Do not entangle with them, or it through judgment and fear. They/it are showing You where You Feel inadequate, unworthy. Instead of trying to change them or the circumstance, practice not entangling. You Know when You get off the story, and You Recognize the Sensation of dis-ease, You move into Your Quantum Power!

You Innately Know, You have never been separated from Your Divine Power. Now You Remember. The things You do not like are not here to be fought, controlled, or destroyed. The things You do not like are not here to destroy You! They are here to be Recognized as a Reflection of how YOU Perceive YOURSELF. So… You can continue to judge the people and things You do not dig or… You can use the Reflection to assist You in Remembering more of Who You Are. This is news You can use… Just the way You intended when You entered into this Holographic experience.


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I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in both psychology and social work. For over 30 years I have been a clinical psychotherapist; 22 of those years were spent in private practice. In my practice and groups, I take science and metaphysics and create more conscious synchronicities. My practice is focused on those who are curious about creating their new paradigm and desire a higher dimensional way of being.

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I am so glad to access these seminars.  The information is melding so perfectly with all of my ups, downs, as well as the intermittent mellow times.

Thank you so much for the time and effort put into these seminars. I really am grateful.