February 18


99.9%, Physics, Power


Again, You realize this whole life experience has brought You to this Now Moment.
The Moment You realize…the Great Awakening is YOU!
You are Awakening to the Knowing that You are the One and there is more to You.
0.1% of You experiences 3D-physical life. The five senses and the matter are in this experience. The people, the places, the things. This leaves 99.9% of You left. But, where are You?
In the non-physical.
Yes, it is true…You are MOSTLY a non-physical Being. You actually never left this State of Your Being. This makes the physical part of Your experiment one big thought.
Who’s thought? This whole physical existence is a manifestation of Your thoughts and perception of Yourself. With this profound realization, it is time to be honest…100% honest with Yourself. Allow Yourself to take a look at Your perceived lack, limitation, shame, guilt, resentment, fear. Many human minds avoid this part. They build and tell stories that keep the fears untouched and unrecognizable. As the Master, You Know ignoring and keeping unaware will no longer feel satisfying. You’ve come too far along this journey. It will feel very uncomfortable now when You Consciously or unconsciously try to avoid the limiting beliefs. The human mind will feel restless, agitated by people, places, and things. The human mind will try to tell more stories that justify and defend the dis-ease.
Remember, The Sensation of dis-ease is coming from You Higher Self. It is whispering in Your body…. "You are trying to be something You are not”.

Choose. It is time to be 100% honest and take ownership of this experience. No longer will You ignore the message from Your Higher Self.  
Why? Because now Your human mind just realized that the Higher Self is the Real You.
It has been the Real You this whole time. It is time to be honest and build a relationship with the non-physical Real You. The Real You Loves You Unconditionally and has been Your greatest ally. Perhaps You will Allow this Relationship to be honored, and now You will listen to the whispers.


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I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in both psychology and social work. For over 30 years I have been a clinical psychotherapist; 22 of those years were spent in private practice. In my practice and groups, I take science and metaphysics and create more conscious synchronicities. My practice is focused on those who are curious about creating their new paradigm and desire a higher dimensional way of being.

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I am so glad to access these seminars.  The information is melding so perfectly with all of my ups, downs, as well as the intermittent mellow times.

Thank you so much for the time and effort put into these seminars. I really am grateful.